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IIHT’s multi-curriculum OpenStack Training is designed to ensure that learners gain hands-on experience working on OpenStack, right from the introduction to building cloud systems by providing real-time inputs. The training program helps learners to get a thorough understanding of the OpenStack architecture and in-depth knowledge of the key concepts and trends in OpenStack, enabling learners to explore various applications and tools to build cloud infrastructure and systems by providing real-time inputs upon adopting OpenStack. This online course is ideal for someone who wants to prepare for OpenStack certifications.


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  • Understand virtualization and cloud concepts
  • Understand OpenStack architecture and service components
  • Create and manage services and users using CloudStack Keystone Glance
  • Gain expertise implementing services and libraries to provide on-demand, self-service access to Storage resources via automation
  • Interconnect interface devices managed by other OpenStack services
  • Design effective APIs to store and retrieve data from Cloud Storage
  • Design dashboard to provide web-based UI to various OpenStack services
  • Implement Orchestration engine to launch multiple composite cloud applications


With the IT industry seeking to migrate to a private cloud model, enterprises are now looking to leverage OpenStack to create more responsive data centre environments. OpenStack enables organizations to focus less on maintenance and management of infrastructure, and more on the delivery of services. Designed to simplify private could management, with OpenStack organizations can now deploy virtual machines and other resources quickly. Developed by Rackspace and NASA in 2010, OpenStack has grown into a global community of experts working to make cloud services accessible on commodity equipment. However, according to Dynamic Market Survey adopting OpenStack has proven to be a challenge with over 65% of IT industry finding OpenStack implementation difficult, primarily due to the lack of OpenStack skills in the market.



  • Virtualization and Cloud
  • Introduction to cloud and cloud concepts
  • Cloud and OpenStack
  • Detailing into OpenStack
  • OpenStack architecture and its service components

  • Introducing OpenStack identity management
  • Identity concepts (Database, AAA, LDAP, Tokens and Drivers)
  • Keystone – User Interaction
  • Role Mapping with keystone
  • End points interaction via keystone

  • Glance Overview
  • Glance components (API, Registry, Metadata)
  • OpenStack Glance archite
  • Image and Instances

  • Introducing OpenStack compute services
  • Nova Components
  • Nova Packet Flow
  • KVM based Architecture

  • Introduction to OpenStack networking
  • Neutron – Network Configuration
  • Neutron Components & Agents
  • Neutron Plugins
  • ML2, ML3 Plugins

  • Swift Components
  • Swift Architecture
  • Cluster Architecture
  • Ring Builder
  • Swift Replications

  • OpenStack Dashboard
  • Introducing OpenStack Dashboard
  • Horizon Design (API, CFN, Engine)
  • Horizon – Key values

  • Heat
  • Introducing Heat
  • Heat Architecture
  • Heat template

What do you gain from IIHT’s Blended Learning ?

IIHT’s learning model is integrated with the latest Learning trends to ensure that the audience remains engaged and their overall learning experience is flexible, convenience and productive. What more? We provide you a unique and engaging content on a user friendly and immersive learning platform that helps you to not only attend the training sessions, but watch Learning videos, read Learning Materials, interact with fellow students, write to the faculty members, practice labs, 24×7 support from a single window that makes learning effective. The assignments and assessments designed as part of the course ensures you develop right capability to prove your worth in your existing job or with prospective employer. Our state of the art learning system helps you to connect with fellow learners who are mostly working professionals that helps you to learn through collaboration and knowledge sharing.



Some of the Job roles available after mastering OpenStack include:

· OpenStack Cloud Engineer
· OpenStack Developer
· OpenStack QA Engineer

Some of the Job roles available after mastering OpenStack include:

  • OpenStack is a composable open infrastructure that provides API-driven access for networking resources, storage and computing. The platform’s flexibility allows one to deploy virtual machines, metal and container resources – all on one single network.
  • OpenStack supports the biggest number of enterprise networking and storage systems presently, and the running of OpenStack and Kubernetes allows one to seamlessly integrate containers into any environment of choice.
  • Even though OpenStack is known worldwide as a private cloud platform, one can access the same open infrastructure from dozens of public cloud providers. Whether a user wants to run a containerized application on Virtual Machines or bare metal, OpenStack allows you to run containers efficiently.

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